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Cabinet series
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Cabinet series

Product performance:

1, AC input characteristics

City electric input: 154-264VAC frequency: 50HZ + 3HZ

Oil input: 154-264VAC frequency: 50HZ + 3HZ

2, DC input characteristics

Battery input: DC28V capacity: 65AH

3, AC output characteristics

AC output voltage: with the current input of normal and the highest priority of AC input voltage

4, DC output characteristics

DC48V output voltage: 48.5V + 0.5V

DC24V output voltage: 24.5V + 0.5V

The output ripple is less than or equal to 10MV (RMS):

Less than 100MV (peak to peak)

5, charging characteristics

Maximum charge voltage: 57.6V + 0.5V

Maximum charge current: 10A + 2A

6, protection alarm function

AC input over under voltage protection and restoration, DC output protection, battery protection, ground detection, leakage protection

7, power factor

The power factor is more than 0.95

8, vibration, impact, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility

Vibration and shock in accordance with the relevant provisions

The reliability of more than 5000h

Electromagnetic compatibility is in accordance with the relevant requirements

Note: the output voltage and power of the power supply can be designed according to user's requirement.

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