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Corporation aims and common development staff. This company for employees find conforms to the working environment and conditions of the career key factor demand and, make for staff serving the development direction of the training, the implementation process coincided with the development needs of the enterprise and employees' career development.

First, career development planning

The company in line with the development of the currently operating characteristics of the strategic planning of human resources, staff according to the company, Department, position to career development planning, according to different positions, different skills, staff interests confirmed its occupation development direction, better in a post is essential to.

Two, open, fair and impartial internal competition system

The company provides a broad platform for the internal development of employees. Each employee can be according to their ability, through the efforts, provided by the company position is obtained, realize their own achievements, to the implementation of the company the elimination system to the last.

Three, staff training

The company provides training for the difference between the existing ability level and the future position of the employees, that is, the development direction of the staff in the enterprise training.

At present, the company's training for employees is divided into company level and departmental level training. Company level training and corporate strategy, corporate culture, management knowledge, professional knowledge and skills and new staff training and foreign units or customer training; departmental training and professional skills, mainly for the professional technical knowledge, the ability to expand training.


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