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Jiangsu Nan Sheng electronic Polytron Technologies Inc is a research and development, production and operation of high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2010, the registered capital of 6328.72 million yuan, the existing staff of 150 people, research and development technical staff of 69 people, located in the east of the garden of science and Technology Branch Chong Road on the 1st, covers an area of 63 mu, building area of 60000 square meters, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics cooperation base one.

Companies adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, quality and efficient; scientific management, careful manufacture; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction," a principle of service, to the national strategic depth development as an opportunity, mainly engaged in a power supply and system, secondary power supply and management software, controller and testing equipment, reducer, transmission machinery, special mechanical and electrical products, the microwave power module R & D, production and sales.

Companies must all relevant qualifications, "Sheng Nan" trademark was identified as well-known trademarks of Taizhou City, the company was rated as a famous city of the contract and trustworthy enterprise, Jiangsu Province private science and technology enterprises, software enterprises, high technology enterprise (backup). Has 1 high-tech products, access to independent intellectual property rights of 9, including 4 patents, utility model patents 5.


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